Welcome to the United Skills network!!

  • Would you like to share your skills to provide real support to development projects as a volunteer through the internet while keeping your current job?
  • As a NGO, you are looking for voluntary professionals ready to help you in technical and management fields? You will find here all the information needed to join us !!

Objectives of the United Skills network

The NGO « competences solidaires »- united skills, has created the network united skills, which gives qualified professionals the opportunity to become consultants for projects in developing countries over the internet.

Why « United Skills »?

Many people want to fight poverty and hunger in the world. United skills give you a way to act.

Who are the network members?

Members of the network are the technical and management consultants. That is, – professionals who want to share their experience to support projects against poverty and hunger in the world,

  • university students whose university has established a partnership with us,
  • former and future voluntary workers through voluntary vacation,
  • experts from developing countries,
  • staff from partner companies,
  • representatives of partner NGOs.

How does it work?

As a consultant

  •  Declare the skills you want to share and Competences Solidaires/United Skills will identify the local counterparts who need your help.
  • You then become a voluntary consultant for a team working locally in the field.
  • Over the Internet you can advise the local team from your home, in function of your available time.
  • You are able to see for yourself the effect of your actions.
  • The local NGO is in charge of evaluating and choosing projects that require specific assistance in order to maximize the effectiveness of your assistance.

As an NGO

We have many professional people who are happy to volunteer their time to support your NGO in technical and management fields

How can you get support?

  • You define the technical or managerial support you need for your project.
  • We look in our database for the network members who declared the competencies requested.
  • We check his/her skills and availability and we put him/her in contact with you in order to start the collaboration.
  • We monitor the collaboration quality

How to contact the United Skills network?

It’s very simple! Email us at « contact@competences-solidaires.org » contacting us means you agreee with the following terms of agreement.

Terms of agreement:

Participation to the network is based on values of international solidarity in front of poverty and hunger

Network members act together to provide voluntary support to people who need it in order to help them get quick results. They want to make their free time useful by sharing their experience and discovering new cultures

Competences Solidaires gives support to non profit making local or international NGOs and is careful in not taking the place of local consultants when the beneficiary has the financial capacity to contract them

Your application or request will have to be validated by competences solidaires board who reserve the right to refuse applications incomplete or non compliant to the status of the association (status available under request)

Each member of the network agrees not to use the network for personal use and to keep confidential the information he /she will get through the network.

The member agrees not to make public information about any other member of the network without the consent of that other member.

Work for the network is done under a purely voluntary basis during the free time of the member, or during working time if the member works for a sponsoring company.

Members of the network are responsible for the costs of their own communication fees (i.e. internet and postage) related to their project.

Members working for a company must maintain all the rules of their company concerning confidentiality, at risk of punishment by their employer, being fired, or legal punishment.

Under French law (under CNIL), members have the right of access to data concerning themselves in order to modify, correct or suppress personal information.

This agreement applies also to NGOs partners who validate these rules before asking for support from Competences Solidaires / United Skills network