Welcome to the United Skills network!!

Would you like to share your skills to provide real support to development projects as a volunteer for NGOs through the internet while keeping your current job?
As a NGO, are looking for voluntary professionals ready to help you in technical and management fields? You will find all the information needed to join us on this web site!!

Objectives of the United Skills network

The NGO "competences solidaires"- united skills, has created the network united skills, which gives qualified professionals the opportunity to become consultants for projects in developing countries over the internet.

Why "United Skills"?
Many peoples want to fight poverty and hunger in the world. United skills give you a way to act.

How does it works?
- Declare the skills you want to share and Competences Solidaires/United Skills will identify the local counterparts who need your help.
- You then become a voluntary technical consultant for a team working locally in the field.
- Over the Internet you can advise the local team from your home, in function of your available time.
- You are able to see for yourself the effect of your actions.
- the local NGO is in charge of evaluating and choosing projects that require specific assistance in order to maximize the effectiveness of your assitance.

For more information please see the attached document : "Competences Solidaires" presentation

Who are the network members?

Members of the network are the technical consultants. That is, - professionals who want to share their experience to support projects against poverty and hunger in the world,
- university students whose university has established a partnership with us,
- former and future voluntary workers through voluntary vacation,
- experts from developing countries,
- staff from partner companies,
- representatives of partner NGOs.

How to join the United Skills network

  • You want to become a consultant of United Skills network?
  • As a NGO you want to ask for the support of a consultant?
  • It is very simple: Follow the next 2 steps:
    STEP 1 : Fill out the questionnaire below and agree to the following Terms of Agreement:
    STEP 2 : You will receive a mail from the animation team with the indications to follow

    First name

    Last name

    Email Address

    Your request

    Terms of agreement:

    Do you agree with the entire terms of agreement ?
    YES NO


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