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Ask for network support

Welcome to the United Skills network!!

We offer 2 services:

1. If you’re an NGO
We have many professional people who are happy to volunteer their time to support your NGO in technical and management fields

2. If you’re a volunteer
Our professionals are happy to help you prepare for your overseas mission; they have experience and skills in the same field you will be working in and will support you before and during your trip. You can think of them as a mentor who you can ask for advice free of charge.

You will find all the information needed to join us on this web site!!

How does it work?

ě You define the technical or managerial support you need for your NGO or project.

ě We look in our database for the network members who declared the competencies requested.

ě We check his/her skills and availability and we put him/her in contact with you in order to start the collaboration.

ě We monitor the collaboration quality

How to contact the United Skills network?
It’s very simple!

Go to " How to join the united skills network " and follow the next 2 steps:

STEP 1: Complete the questionnaire and agree to the Terms of Agreement

STEP 2: You will receive a mail from us explaining what to do next

To send a message